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Welcome to this special site

It has been created as a portal with two main functions:
  • As a place for citizens of our world to share their design and reading skills and for them to upload their work for the blind
  • As a place for the blind and schools for the blind to find and download Memory Game card designs and MP3 stories for free

Although begun as an English project, with the catalogue now comprising over 200 stories (in English), more recently it has also incorporated other languages and now includes stories in:
Afrikaans, isiXhosa, isiZulu, SeSotho, Siswati, Arabic, French, German, Hebrew, Italian, Norwegian, Mandarin, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish and Telegu... - 18 languages in total... so far... as a number of other languages are currently under construction with promises of delivery over the next few days ... (Greek, Tamil, Shangaan, Danish and Finnish)... and many more English stories soon to be delivered. At present it contains over 200 stories, but new stories are arriving from around the world every day! Please would you add your voice to the site and help blind children... in a language of your choice!

Support the call by Nelson Mandela to support our fellow citizens on this planet - by giving 67 minutes of your [[#|time]] in this his 94th Birthday year.
You can help blind children by following the directions on this site... and it'll only take an hour of your [[#|time]].
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The Challenge...

Please would you spread the word about this simple idea and donate an hour of your time to create something for one of the two projects and to forward it for uploading to the site.

Now there is even the opportunity for non-English speakers to read and record a children's storybook in their own home language and to have it uploaded to the 'International' page within this wiki. However, we are hoping that teachers will also encourage their second-language pupils to read and record, as the level of reading required for 4 - 10 year-olds can be achieved by most tweens and teens without too much effort.

All information required should be available on the various pages within the site. If, however, you should encounter any problems or wish to get in contact with the originators of the project, please email charliwiggill@gmail.com

Click on this link to watch a 2 minute YouTube video offering a brief overview of this 3-phased project...

YouTube Promo Video.jpg

Excellent News...

We received great news from friends in Taiwan a few days ago. Last year their grade 8 class at Catholic Deguang High School supported our quest to read for blind children and contributed stories they had prepared in English and Mandarin. They then entered their contribution to our project in the Adobe Youth Voices competition in Taiwan and... won!
Yes, this group of grade 8s won first prize for the best youth-centered project in Taiwan for the past year. Heartiest CONGRATULATIONS to the team who garnered this award - we salute them for this honour!

Mrs Peggy Wu is to be commended highly on taking a project beyond the classroom (from Durban, South Africa) and adapting it to the needs of her pupils in Taiwan - thereby helping blind children and encouraging and motivating her children to read in English and Mandarin whilst using 'cool' technology - well done!

Here is their presentation on YouTube:-
external image safe_image.php?d=AQDjOA8ad7JsASdv&url=http%3A%2F%2Fi2.ytimg.com%2Fvi%2FEUaJgtyDRgI%2Fmaxresdefault.jpg%3Ffeature%3Dog&jq=100


Their initial mini-website of stories can be viewed here:


So you wish to read a story too?

Should you wish to read a story for the site, you could either select one from the following link or write your own short tale.
Remember that the target audience is children aged 4 - 10 yeras.


Endorsements and organisations having shown support...

Click on the logos below - some of which will connect you to -
  • see the homepage from this site on the websites of some international organisations
  • the sound files for a few interviews
  • the blogs of others who have written articles about the project
  • letters of support

Pay it Fwd Foundation Logo.jpg

This organisation endorsed the project and placed an article on their website. They operate in 75 countries globally.

SANCB Logo.jpg
The project has been endorsed by the SANCB and an article highlighting the children's work has been placed on their website.

KZN Soc 4 Blind logo.gif
This project has worked closely with pupils and staff from Baumann House ECD Unit for the Blind in Umbilo, Durban


World Blind Union.jpg
The project has been endorsed by this organisation that represents 2,6 million members around the globe.


An article placed on their website.


An article about this project appears on this site.

American Printing House for the Blind.jpg

MPowerFm  Logo 2.jpg

Interview with MpowerFm on Tuesday August at 2:00pm with DJ Dave Walters

*MpowerFm is a commercial station based in Nelspruit, Mpumalanga with a listenership average of 120 000

CCFm 107.5 logo 2.jpg
Interview with CCfm 107.5 on Friday August at 8:35am

*CCfm is a Christian station having logged 70 000 calls so far. Listenership figures of
116 000 RAMS (AUG 2011)

Sunday Tribune.jpg
Article in "Sunday Tribune" on 8/9/2012 titled,"School projectgives voice to children's books" (page 13), about the 'Pay itForward for the Blind' project and its work with blind children.
*"Sunday Tribune" - a weekly regional newspaper based in Durban, KZN, with a readership of 624 000

Berea Mail.jpg
A half-page article with a picture in the "Berea Mail" 21/09/2012 titled,"Eden pupils pay it forward".

*"Berea Mail" - a weekly community newspaper based in Durban,KZN, with a readership of 27 300

EThekwini Logo.jpg

The eThikwini Municipality (representing all Durban residents) is hoping to use this project with Durban's sister cities on a number of continents. They wish for the Junior City Councilors to meet-up
with their counterparts in these cities to create collaborative stories for the blind.


For the moment details are still under wraps, however... Major Telecom companies in South Africa are currently in discussion as regards very likely sponsorship to roll out the project across the African continent as one of the main literacy projects. These companies are really excited by the prospect the project holds.

Microsoft has shown support in this project being included in the Middle East and Africa Partners in Learning Forum in Morocco (September 2012)


Whilst in its original format, an integral part of the project was for pupils to obtain permission from authors and publishers for reading, recording and then storing their stories on this site for the blind, it has been increasingly difficult to monitor this as stories are received in multiple languages from around the world. At present, as a non-profit entity, we are attempting to garner a comprehensive agreement that contains blanket permissions for the site. Should you be able to offer assistance in this regard, please would you contact us (details on this site).

NB: Although part of the initial project has been for the pupils to obtain permission for the use of stories contained on this site, should any of the stories or other material infringe your rights or those of your company, please would you send through an immediate request for us to remove such material and we will ensure this happens as soon as this is humanly possible. If on the other hand, you are happy for the material to remain on the site, please would you inform us via email to: charliwiggill@gmail.com . Thank you.