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This worthwhile project needs to find a continual supply of readers to add knew stories and further languages. It also needs to be marketed to schools for the visually impaired and blind so that they can make use of the free resources on the site.
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Pay it Forward for the Blind - Epic

Ethan's Movie.jpg
Performed by: Ethan Pillay, Joshua Aronoff, Shavaan Padayachee and Liam Webster

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Pay it Forward for the Blind

Performed by Derin Nair, Shivek Iyer, Dylan Baitz, Azair Sukiah and Jason Moodley

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Pay it Forward for the Blind

Suhails video.jpg
Performed by Oren Cohen Suhail Vawda, Prince Amod and Zach Schwartz

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Light up a life

external image default.jpg
Performed by: Alexa Haasbroek, Eden Metzler and Kialan Pillay

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Pay it Forward for the Blind

Pay it Forward for the Blind. Doron.jpg
Performed by: Doron Werner, Lael Iyen and Lwazi Xulu

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Making a Difference

external image default.jpg
Always in the dark, never able to see beyond, but they have a faint glow that will spark, when they hear you and respond.
So go ahead and make a difference by participating in this challenge. View

Song: 'Heal the World' - Michael Jackson
Performed by: Saranya & Shereya Govender

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Pay it Forward for the Blind - A Star Wars Parody

Star Wars Parody.jpg

A parody of the scene from star wars episode IV where Luke Skywalker trains with a mask.This movie was created to advertise a website that our school created,
where people can record audiobooks and upload them to our website to help blind children.
Please Join us at
Director: Taalia Naidoo
Cinematographer: Massimo Carini
Script: Saijal Naidoo
Actors: Luke Ramsay as Skywalker
Saijal Naidoo as Ben Kenobi
Jade Friedman as the robot thing
Special Effects: Luke Ramsay and Massiomo Carini

Advert 8

One Thing by One Direction

One Direction.jpg

Close your eyes, listen. You're in complete darkness. How does it feel?

This is what is experienced daily, all the time; never-ending; by millions.
You've got that One Thing - sight - so can you pass it forward to the blind?

You can help us by viewing this site and seeing what it has to offer:

Song: 'One Thing' by One Direction
Performed by:
Nathan Chetty (Guitarist),
Riley Wiggill (Dancer) &
Devaksha Dookhi (Vocalist) @BBadBoisGirl
Filmed by: Trisaina Govender

Advert 9

Help the Blind to Read - Be an Inspiration


Performed by: Simran Kara, Nikki Canning, Makaira Nair and Andrew Grange

Advert 10

Make a Difference

external image default.jpg

Record a story for somebody blind, it will surely help a blind child.
Performed by: Aishwarya Ojageer

Advert 11

Born Blind

Born Blind_Shania Paul.jpg
Performed by Shania Paul