Teachers will find a wealth of resources here - free to be used as required. Please adapt them to suit your needs. I hope and trust you find them useful to your classroom and subject.

Multiple Intelligence worksheets:

Howard Gardner proposed that intelligence is not a simple concept with single elements, but rather a complex set of interconnected variables. His theory proposes that we have a number of different intelligences developed to a greater or lesser degree in each unique individual. I usually begin my teaching year by testing my classes by using the questionnaires attached below. During reflection, we complete the results page and pupils become more aware of their various intelligences and preferred learning styles. We then discuss the setting of goals in order to strengthen the areas that may need development. Pupils generally leave with greater self-confidence - with the knowledge that whatever their ability, they have unique intelligence that can be developed.


Multiple Intelligence Instruction Sheet

Multiple Intelligence Questionnaire

Multiple Intelligence Results Page

Multiple Intelligence Styles of Learning

Braille printouts:

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Braille Memory Game cards:

Braille Memory Game Cards Project Sheet

Braille Memory Game Cards Rubric

Educational Games and Toys for the blind:

Educational Games and Toys Project Sheet​.

Design Specifications Sheet

Status Check for Project

Mark Sheet for Educational Toys

MP3 Stories for the Blind:

MP3 Stories for the Blind - Project Sheet
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MP3 Stories for the Blind - Project Sheet
- Writing Original, Collaborative Stories

MP3 Stories for the Blind -
Recording Quality Control Form

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