Short lines of verse posted by teens about their thoughts and experiences with this project...

Blindness is like a chasm of darkness and sadness,
but within sadness there is happiness,
within that there is hope.
Joshua Serjeant, Eden College, Durban, South Africa

Blindness is a thing of darkness and curiosity
never being able to see the beauty of the world
only ever to hear the beauty of the world
only able to imagine.
Shavaan and Liam, Eden College, Durban, South Africa

Courage, determination and fearlessness are a blind man’s spirit.
Living in darkness.
Never seeing the beauty of the earth.
Never seeing the smiles of their loved ones.
Living life as best as they can.
Being happy, never feeling sorry for themselves.
True heroes are they.
Suhail, Eden collage, Durban, South Africa.

Amazing Kids

As I walk into the Blind Society

My heart raced with Anxiety

What was I to expect from these little children

Who could not see me.

As I entered the room

There they stood

So perfectly proud

That I dared not be loud.

As if they could see me,

They smile so happily.

I walked forward

And sat down besides them.

To my surprise they were now rather loud

Overjoyed and proud.

This place, called the Blind Society

Brought no anxiety

To the ones that lived there

Happily with so much care.

Aishwarya, Durban, South Africa, Eden College