Project: ABC - Simplified directions for 'MP3 Aids for Children who are Blind'

Book selection for an existing story:
Decide on the age of the children for which you will read and record: either 4/5, 6/7, or 8 to 10 years-old

Tools required for reading and recording:
You need to use the sound recorder on a mobile phone OR your PC OR laptop OR the webcam (if using the webcam, switch off the video
camera as we only want the sound file)

Preparing for recording:
It is really important to be well organised BEFORE you begin recording – that will make the process far simpler and easier to manage

  1. Record the story on your mobile phone whilst reading from the book (on Blackberry it appears under 'Media' tab and is called a 'Voice Notes Recorder')
  2. Save sound file on your phone (on Blackberry it appears under 'Media' tab and the folder is called 'Voice Notes')
  3. If you are able to convert your amr. file format to an MP3 format, please do so - if not, don't worry, we'll do it for you

Listen to your story and decide whether it is fine as is, or whether it should be re-recorded - then save again if required

Email file:
  1. Email your sound file to charliwiggill@gmail.com
  2. Please send a second email with the following information attached:

Information required with your MP3 file:

See this example and then read the details in red below


Ballerina Bear.jpg
"Ballerina Bear" - by Pauline Siewert

  • Read by Kristan de Kock, Our Lady of Fatima Dominican Convent, Durban (South Africa)

Short rhyming story about a ballet bear who loves shows.

Publisher: Templar Publishing, 2000

ISBN: 1 - 84011 - 083 - 1

A pic of the front cover as a jpg file (either take a pic of the cover with your mobile phone OR scan the front cover OR find a pic in Google)

Please type the following information into the body of your email -

  1. The title of the book you read

  2. The full names of the author

  3. The full name/s of the person/people who read the story

  4. The publisher

  5. ISBN
  6. A one or two-line trailer for the story (really, really short - see examples on website)

  7. The language in which you read

Email the Files:
Email the MP3 sound file AND jpeg pic of front cover AND other info (in red script above) to charliwiggill@gmail.com

Global partnerships:
It would be wonderful for children around the world to read and record for children who are blind.In fact, schools in about 14 countries are currently considering reading and recording for blind children - some have already sent in their handiwork.
Many individuals, both children and adults, have also sent in stories from around the world.
Any ideas to extend this project will be considered and be greatly appreciated.