This page is dedicated to all the hard-working teens and adults who devoted time in creating MP3 aids to help the blind.

MP3 Stories for the Blind - Degaung Catholic High School, Taiwan

Pupils at Degaung Catholic High School in Taiwan read for the blind in Mandarin and English
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Girls read and record a children's story in Mandarin

Two girls working on technical issues with the mobile phone

Two girls selecting appropriate texts

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Boys discuss the task at hand

Boys reading and recording "Foxtrot"

Boys discuss the text,"Winnie the Pooh"

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Boys deciding on which texts to record

Girls begin recording

Girls busy with a recording session

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Mrs Peggy Wu addresses her students about the project

The tools of the trade for the MP3 project...

MP3 Stories for the Blind - The Secondary School 'Omega' STE, Katowice, Poland

Pupils at The Secondary School 'Omega' STE in Katowice, Poland, read for the blind in Polish and English





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The Ugly Duckling

The Ugly Duckling