Eden College, Durban is a small, independent school offering excellence in education from grades 000 - 12. Pupils and staff enjoy a particularly close relationship in a warm and caring environment. Academics is top of the agenda and is approached in a manner of guided self-discovery. Pupils are encouraged to think and live out of the box and the results from the school are, and have been, some of the best in the country over a number of years. The 2011 South African Matriculation Results bore this out, once again, with Eden College's matriculants averaging 4,2 distinctions per candidate.

The school is involved with a number of charitable organisations and endeavours to develop empathy and a deeper understanding of these issues in our pupils. One of the groups Eden has worked with is the KwaZulu-Natal Society for the Blind. This wiki has been created largely as a result of this relationship.

Eden College, Durban
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